Rikon journey [30 M Single]

day 4

I cant belive how much change I feel after only 4 days of nofap.

I feel alive! I think about sex all day. Im not used to it.

I thought to myself “well maybe im not horny cuas
Im not 20 anymore”

But im feeling like a beast.

The excuses come like demons.

And these demons are cunning, pretending to be your friend, to only want to help you.

"You feel a bit sick, if you wanna get better you gotta sleep a lot. And how can you? When you are so horny.

Listen, fap now and you will fall a sleep, you are only at day 4, you can start again after you get better"

But im here for the long run. Im not doing this for myself, im doing it for somone else.

I am doing it for future me.
A 1 year from now me.

Im tierd of being single, of staying where I am.

I want change, i read q lit, i work hard i can do it.

I am doing it.

Ans this time im not alone. I understand I need help. Thats why I downloaded this app today. And joined here.

“I cant do it all own my own im no superman”.

If only after 4 days i feel this way, I wounder, how would I feel aftef a month, or 3, or 6

What miricals awaiting for me along the road?

Thanks for reading! Thanks for supporting!