Rewire Companion 3.0 Update Information


This version brings no new features, it instead added critical components upon which further development(adding new features) now will be done on.

Q : I’ve been hearing a lot about “internal changes”, what exactly changed internally? What did you spend nearly 2 months on?

A: Technical talk, the backend was written in javascript using node, and it was my first major javascript project, I had made some terrible design choices which I started to realise later on as things began to grow. Adding new features was becoming a pain. Also every-time a new feature was added I had to restart the server, resulting in online features not being available for a couple of secs/mins. It was just a mess overall. And the database design was a mess aswel.
This gradual frustration made me take the decision of starting from scratch.
After a lot of time spent doing research for the new system, I moved from javascript to typescript, and the designed the whole system to be modular. Along with new database schema.
Which means adding new features or changing anything will be easier than before.

Also, thanks to donations I was able to afford more servers, resulting in online services being available even as I make upgrades. Unless there is some significant upgrade regarding the infrastructure itself or the load balancer, things should stay fast and stable.

I apologise for the unstable launch and initial bugs, I can only test so much, there are always edge cases which can only be fixed by user feedback. If you are facing any issues do reply and I’ll try to fix it.


OK… We all know you’ve been trying @Taher

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God bless you @Taher…All the hardwork that you’ve been putting over the past few months only goes to show your dedication and concern for the Rewire community…You have been instrumental in helping the community and the world at large to journey as a family in fighting our addictions…keep up the good work…


Cool I’m an angular 2+ dev… typescript is the business… do you mind if I ask what you are using for the db, and middleware? It’s a great app, you seem to be a very competent full stack dev. Much appreciation for you hard work.


Thanks, I’m using postgres for db and knex as a middleware.

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@Taher thank you so much for developing this incredible app. Seriously you have the blessing of countless souls who are walking the path to betterment through your app. Thanks a lot. God bless!