Returning due to consistent failure to maintain streaks

I decided to make a new account on this forum after deleting because the constant failure to maintain a streak. I haven’t gone longer than a day in a good two months and I have moved far backwards. While I have developed better habits since I’ve been gone such as walking and more frequent exercise, it has not aided my massive desire to fap. PMO is honestly the huge issue I need to deal with, but it’s hard to deal with because I like fapping and it’s routine for me to do it on a daily basis. I got accepted into a college and passed the auditions for my major. I don’t wanna be the guy fapping in the dorm rooms. I wanna get this under control. I know I said that I like fapping but it is interfering with my life. I am drained of all energy and havent even budged out of my bed. This may be the worst yet also the best point of my life. Worst because my fapping habits are at their max. Best because I’m learning so much about myself and my flaws, and it feels like I’m going through a metamorphosis. Like I’m changing into a better person slowly. But yeah I just wanted to make this to let people know and possibly get some solid advice. Thanks guys.


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