{Resurgent VS Rubik8883} Rematch

Rubik has challenged me to a One on One match. I gladly accept your challenge.

  1. First man to Relapse loses the match.
  2. The loser will write on his diary I am a loser phrase 51 times.
  3. He will update his status and will write the same phrase i am a loser he will not change this status for a month time.

Sharing code - 971ff5
Current streak - 23 days
Highest streak - 31 days
Age - 26
Gender - M
Location - india

Sharing code : 480a3f
Current streak : 17 days
Highest streak : 24 days
Age: 21 yrs
Gender : M
Location : india

Why I want to create a group - To help each other to achieve our best streaks of nofap.
First fight :crossed_swords:
I am a Loser, i lost Resurgent.
Rubik883 is the winner :medal_sports:
Second Fight :crossed_swords:


Great…thus will be fun :+1:…good luck mate


@Resurgent Days 23
@rubik8883 Days 17

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Omg that’s really discouraging punishment ever i see.

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Could you please suggest any encouraging punishment bro. ?

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@Resurgent Days 24
@rubik8883 Days 18

Write “He is my master” 51 times.

Let it be discouraging…its @anon66785751 whose
gonna do it

I just have an escape from death/Relapse today.
Its getting sick here.
I may lose anytime :persevere:

Don’t loose, keep going strong

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No , don’t you dare do it after that long , give yourself 5mins and think about it …think about the whole thing you feel better when you stay that way , relapsing won’t end any good , please don’t let me down or anyone else … Please !

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Thanks bro. Love you so much.
Now i feel good about myself. I have come this far and this is the hurdle at which i kept on falling for the last year. I have achieved a couple of times 1 month streaks.

I know the benefits are fucking incredible. Its life changing. Its like you are a fucking god bro. Trust me. When you will reach near your 30 days and you are running like Usain Bolt in Morning Running. You will come inside your pants. Its like cumming in open. You are no longer masturbating alone in tiolets.
Its awesome bro.

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Don’t relapse but set counter on zero… So that competition can occur between equal

Just remember what you ll have to do if you relapse…that ll give you enough reasons for not doing so…

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Try this, helped me today…

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Thanks but my internet speed is low. I will watch it later.

It worked like a panic button for me, just watch first ten minutes baaki time pass hai…

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I support both of you guys. All the best


@Resurgent Days 25
@rubik8883 Days 19


Sher se Sher ladta hai to sher hi jitata hai