Resurgent Vs Failure_0

@failure_0 has challenged me and said if i relapse first i shall write sorry 100 times in my diary. So i have accepted your challenge and if you lose you would do the same my friend.

I wish that we both would never relapse and never write sorry.
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Why I want to create a group - Because it is a healthy & friendly competition to have some fun and push ourself to the limits. It will help each other to grow in this journey.
The battle was fought for 6 days.
:face_with_head_bandage: @failure_0 :dizzy_face: Relapsed and lost this match.

:trophy: @Resurgent :medal_sports: is winner of this match and still on his streak of 11 days unbeaten.


@failure_0 Day 14
@Resurgent day 5

Wow that,s interesting let,s see who wins

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You can have 1 with me too.

You can make a Topic about it.
I am ready.

if we had this feature in the app it would be awesome. some feature to challange people with the same rank as you. I hope admin would include it in the new update. :grinning:


I would like to hand a medal to whoever wins😊

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Send some erotic stuff to resurgent, make him loose , :rofl: make me win. :rofl:
Btw let me right some triggers for readers I’m facing.
Heart palpitations
Reduced energy at certain times
Hightened energy at certain times
Feeling powerful like a bodybuilder
Extended times of morning wood

All this right now, I have to fight. :sleepy::sleepy:


Lol you made me laugh with that comment :joy:

Take it as a competition to win… Not to beat the other person.

Yes bro. It will benefit both of us.

@failure_0 day 14
@Resurgent day 6

@anon66785751 6
@failure_0 15

Hahahaahaaa bro. What will you do after 3 weeks when sleepless nights will strike you and makes you a weak soul . Only 50 % in control of yourself. Real Test will start when you complete 21 days.

Don’t you worry I got plans for that too. :rofl: :rofl: I gotta reach 31 first.


@failure_0 days 18
… VS…
@Resurgent days 9

@failure_0 Day 19*
@Resurgent Day 10*

@anon66785751 day 10
@failure_0 day 20

Your counter is showing 19 mf.

@failure_0 days 20
@Resurgent Days 11