Rest and Recharging- The underrated thing

Ok so as you know that resting recharging is a very important thing to do. That prepares you for future battles right, then why no one is talking about this it is as important as your daily routines.
Thanks to today’s world resting and recharging is mostly seen as chilling whole day, watching TV or playing games. But these are all zero or negative value activities. So I wanted to know your insights on this topics and if you have a better system of rest and recharge then please feel free to share


I agree with you.

Our Body is not made of metal. It needs Rest & Recharge.
I take a day off after every 4 days of hard work to thank my Body.

Beside that… We all need a change from our monotonous routines to avoid stress.


I think you are perfectly right.
For me, all the activities like gaming, binge watching TV and so on are just time skippers. You are tired before you start doing them, we then watch TV because we don’t feel tired while watching but as soon as you turn it off, you are back were you were before. you feel tired and bad.

I have different things for resting.

  • I sit down with a piece of paper in a nice and quite place. Every time that negative thoughts pop up, I write them down. That could be things I still have to do, things that I fear and so on. I feel way more calm afterwards
  • I like to take my bike and ride through a forest. At a nice spot I stop and rest. Listening to the birds and just enjoying the quite place.
  • My bouldering gym is also a place for recharge. I have lots of friends there and it is always nice to just be there, talk to friends, boulder together

Yeah so I wanna know how you spend your day off. Cause now Ive learned that gaming,tv etc are not relaxation these tasks have zero or negative value

I tend to sleep in, meditate, just relax the mind

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@hensmkekdmrme Brother I’m sort of workaholic person and it’s difficult for me to spend and entire day like this. Can you please be specific about all activities you do on your day off so that I can design myself a healthy rest day.
It would be a great help and I really appreciate your efforts to answer this question

Today i remained lazy and mostly spent time on my smartphone. I eat . Then play games. Then plug my phone into charging… while it charge i again eat snacks… watch youtube… then… bla bla…
Nothing productive…

On my day off…
I do what i wanna do.

Eat … play … Rest … Enjoy … whatever to Break free from previous routine.

I really like the examples that @neveragaintw gave, because I think that how to recharge depends on your normal activities.
Some of my friends work in offices. They sit all day doing paperwork and on computers. So, for them resting and recharging is actually doing something like exercise. It is a rest from what they normally do and helps recharge their bodies.
I would also suggest a garden. It doesn’t need to be big, but have enough plants that it takes some time to pull the weeds and keep to soil nice to take care of them. Go on hikes. Play some sports. Turn up your music and dance around. Just get your body working harder on something the mind can either relax or change gears on.

I work about 75 hours a week, manual labor. My body is so exhausted the last thing I want to do is go do more physical things. So, these are some things that help me rest and recharge.
Reading, especially self help books and true stories. Writing, something like poems or a journal. Play a board game. Stretching and meditation.

If you plan to take off an entire day, I would recommend camping if you can. Even if you dont spend the night but get away from your normal area where all the work and stress is, get into nature.

I know you said you are kind of a workaholic and its difficult to sit around an entire day, but remember that your body and mind both need rest sometimes. I think the key for you (from the little I know about you) is to fill your day with physical activities that aren’t too difficult, like going for a walk around the neighborhood, but with time in between for things like sitting down to watch some birds or drawing a picture.

One last thing, don’t be afraid to try something new, you never know what you might enjoy and turn into a regular hobby.

Best of luck, and let us know what works well for you!


I tend to sleep 10 hours I wake up have a light breakfast anything that my body dosen’t take much time to digest meditate keep a clear mind, eat mindfully, write, and just think about life read a good book, spend time with your family talk with friends and then go to sleep before 11pm and don’t feel guilty if you spend an hour or two on your phone.


Good night sleep of atleast 6 - 8 hrs and read as much as possible throughout the day its relaxes me so I’ll suggest that as well also healthy diet will help


@Deadpoolgupta Do you have any hobbies?
Rest and relaxation time would be a good time to work on them. You could write, practice an instrument or sketch.
Read some good books too, or if you want to relax then I guess you can read fiction.

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