Reset my counter after 105 days of no PMO

After 105 days of strict no PMO I have finally reset my counter. To clarify, I still haven’t actually orgasmed, or masturbated, or intentionally look at any porn, image or video, in 105 days. To put it simply, over the past 15 days or so I have looked at porn substitutes, to the point where it’s own minor addiction has developed. Today I wasted 2 hours of my life on porn substitutes, which cause similar effects to actual porn. If I click off a page, tell myself I won’t look at it again only for me to come back to the page a day later I am clearly getting some sort of sexual gratification from it that feeds my now buried addiction. My advice to anybody who reads this is to know that you just fucking can’t trust your brain or yourself in the slightest, and for to immediately find a way to lock anything online that you lust after away behind a siteblocker or something since I guarantee it will spiral out of control. Remember why you started your journey in the first place, and know that without even realising it there might be something you’re doing that is feeding your addiction and holding you back.


TRUTH sets us free Congrats for your 105 days streak

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