Repeated failure to do nofap 🥺

For the last two months,I am almost unable to follow nofap,every week I relapse about 2-3 times

I do m*** by not watching porn but rather imagining my neighborhood aunty

As usual,I don’t get excited by watching p*** but I do get excited by watching elderly ladies, around the age of 35

Moreover,I don’t know if it is some form of addiction or not but this has made to loose interest in girls of my age. I don’t find them attractive as much as I feel toward aunties

I do admit that I’m sort of bhabhi lover kind of things

What do you guys think how shall I get rid of this behaviour ?

P.S. after a week or so,I will leave to another city to pursue my higher education in of the great institutes of our country

I hope after I move there,my lust towards bhahi ji will hopefully reduce or I request to God to completely eliminate it inside me


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Wake up to reality.

U don’t feel anything towards girls your age because you know they wont give a shit to you :)) because of the person that you are.

It’s easy to become cool in front of bhabhis so you think of masturbating to them instead.

Change yourself :mask: btw congratulations.


Focus on your work there bro, focus on good habits, don’t even give a shit about this, just keep yourself focused on other activities that are actually important.
You are going to iisc and as per the reputation of that college it is not gonna be easy to cope with up the work culture there, so don’t mess yourself up unnecessarily and stay focused.


Yes bro right

One more thing,can you suggest some good YouTube channels that provides great content regarding nofap and good habits in general?

The channel that you yourself follow

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I am lucid, Improvement pill, Hamza, pinnacle of man are some good channels.
Improvement pill specifically has helped me a lot in self improvement journey.


It takes a lot of courage to admit your real feelings and your real self.

You will change man, just do not think much and do no-fap daily, and study with your whole heart.

Follow your dream and you must do some exercise every morning, as it prepares our mind and our body for the day.

You can keep a journal and write on it, and the good things that you have done throughout the day before going to sleep.

With excessive amount of watching porn, we become pervert, there is no shame in it.

With abstinance from porn i feel, we can get back to our old selves.

Good luck man.


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