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Hello everyone,

at first some stats:

  • male
  • 28 years old
  • single
  • addiced since I was 13
  • battling with addiction since September 2016
  • max streak - 17 days

I have never tried to keep up with my diary entries, but I hope this activity let me stay on track. For past almost 4 years I learnt a bit what could be improved in my life. However, I feel that still PMO has a big impact onymy performance. I believe that getting rid of bad habits and addictions is crucial for better self-being. Without battling my cons first I feel overwhelming stagnancy and it becomes neverending journey.

What is my plan then?
Throughout my recovery I will try to use tools which just worked for me in the past to stay on track.

  • keep my phone away from bed - browsing visuals in bed was my habit, yes, was, I dont wanna come back to it!
  • guided meditation - I keep coming back to beginner course, which let me clear my mind a bit
  • morning stretching - injuries while working out come from being nonstretched in most cases that’s why I will try to prevent it
  • cold showers - work better than coffee and current temperatures will alllow to gently come back to this activity
  • biking (100 km weekly), running (30 km weekly), swimming (1.5km weekly)
  • staying up-to-date with my studies - I can’t prolong it anymore
  • work on my programming skills
  • reading a book (1 hr weekly) - I didnt read for a while…
  • intermittent fasting and healthier diet

I think thats all for now. Within time I will try to update my routine.

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Nothing much to said here… Lets try this “diary” way.

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good luck buddy we r with you

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I have to get rid of habit of bringing phone to bed. Its tempting and always end in relapse.