Relation between pmo and bad digestion?

Do you think pmo can cause digestive problem, because whenever i relapse, i get constipated for a few days but after a few days i become normal.
I think there must be a relation? :thinking:


yes the excessive muscular movements impacts the colon and constipation kicks in


It’s probable. I myself notice my immune system goes way down after a relapse to the point where I get sick for a few days after a relapse. If it can change your immunity I’m sure it can change other things like digestion.


That’s actually a good question. When I last relapsed I didn’t have desire to eat anything for that day. I had no appetite. It slowly came back though. I think mentality plays a big role here.


I think it’s more psychological than actually physical guys.

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Ha bhai din me 2 3 bar karoge to pet me bht dard hoga…aur digestive problem hoga …mujhse hua ea problem…aur bekar situation he to tumhara chest pain bhi hoga…jab flatline ke time ea sab pain phir se hoga

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I legit get sick though. Nothing psychological about it. I have a cold for a couple days after. Believe me you can’t imagine feeling that different from the day before. Just like alcoholics get a hangover next day I think something about the rush of Dopamine and all the hormonal changes that occur cause physical changes.


When we do PMO or even MO , we are on Dopamine high.

Dopamine receptors are present not only in brain but also it stomach.

When dopamine is secreted, they attach to the D2 receptors (dopamine receptors) on stomach. They produces anti-peristaltic movements.

Peristaltic movements :- movement of food from mouth to anus.
Anti-peristaltic movements :- opposite of the above. (That’s why the constipation)

Serotonine has the exact opposite mechanism. Serotonine pushes the food towards anus. That is peristaltic movement.

With PMO, both dopamine and serotonine are hampered. So we get digestion problems.



Note :- i may not be completely right. But i think this maybe the reason. Open for corrections if i have made any mistakes.