Relapsing after use of dating Apps

Hey Guys and Gals,

I´m doing NoFap for all its benifits. One of them being able to enjoy “normal” sex or sex that isn´t disturbed by ■■■■ habits. Also to be able to see a girl for who she is and not just as means if sadisfaction for me.

After a long relationship, which was partially influenced and destroyed by my bad habits which make me even more committed on my No Fap Journey, i want to get to know new women.

I think approaching women in real life is the way to go, but i also tried dating apps. But sometime I relapse after using these apps. It might be because women present themselfs in a ■■■■ way and it totally lacks the feeling of normal social interaction.

Are these Apps like a ultra soft version of ■■■■? It´s similar in many ways. You see lots of attractive people and you can click trough their profiles etc. you don´t have to interact with them on a meaningful level etc.

I´ve gone on a few dates, but often the person is very different, from what i percieved online. And i get the feeling that the return on the investment of time on these apps is shit.

I think i have to go out more and meet girls that way, rather then getting reward system hacked by these apps.

What are your thoughts?
Similar expierences?

Also sometimes i relapse after talking to a beatuiful women in real life. I feel like an animal. :smiley: I´m triggered to easily.

I am on day 4 now. Longest streak was 16 days.
Maybe i should stay abstitent of all forms of ■■■■ and dating apps.


m 29


I don’t have any experience with dating apps but what I can say is that it is not the time worth. You are at the beginning of NoFap so I would try to focus more on you and your habits and delete any triggers like those dating apps. Talking to real woman can be a good start to learn more about your fears and social anxiety


I’m on day 11 but I am struggling with the dating/hookup apps, constantly checking them, tempting and teasing myself, what makes it even worse is I have a partner who I love and live with. Yet I behave this way and try to justify it. I gave into tempting twice early last month and paid the price by catching an STD, swore I wouldn’t do it again but have started looking at them again. I know it will lead back to porn and fapping as the lesser of 2 evils if I don’t control it. Sry just needed to get that off my chest as it was eating me up inside. Now I’ve admitted it hopefully I can leave it behind and be a better person for 2018.

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Wow dude, that´s not good at all!

Please get you shit together before it´s to late. I think i could have saved my relationship if i behaved better. I fucked other women, too. But i didn´t lie about it. We were in an open realtionship. But it was more for me, then for her. Or rather she did it for me. It´s not worth it, if you really love her. I wish i could turn back the clock and stop my stupid selfish behaviour. True love is worth more. I was depressed, selfish and that took it´s toll on our relationship. (Porn)-Addiction played a huge part in it, after looking back.

Just deleted my hook-up app after relapsing ad reviewed old notes. I had written this down several time. Usage of these Apps causes Relapses! It seems i did this mistake several times and forgot to take my own advice. But it´s usefull to see the pattern. Maybe get a notbook and just write down your observations and review them from time to time. I don´t write a diary, just taking short notes. This is useful to see which mistakes you make over and over again and also on the positive side, which goals you achived.

Okay man, i hope i can relate to you, how important this is. It´s your Love, it´s your life! Don´t let it slip. I did and i still regret it 3 1/2 years after it happend.