Relapses after 45 days


[16/12, 3:55 pm] Hrushikesh ($pL!nT3R): Regret it but… i was close of not doing pmo my hand were vibrating i was shaking still… the urges of past exam days got me… i had high hopes but … as the sentences say dont aim to high or u will fail…I am Satisfied with my performance i was only going to do no nut November buy i came 15 days in front its a great achievement for me … i know i will get good streak from today to 90days.
The urges was due to huge exam pressure less sleep … trying new habit and frustration and mainly due to last peak in movies tralier and on torrent searches and also due to not rewarding my self for that streak soo that it that . I regret this more then 1 2 day streak but its ok i guess … I will hit back with a Strong …DONT GIVE UP BECAUSEI DID U HAVE TO STAY STRONG AND FIGHT BACK … OR I WILL BE AHEAD OF U IF U REPLACED


Sad to see you relapsed - you were many days ahead of me. Get back up stronger than before. We’re all supporting you.

What’s your strategy this time?

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1 dont open youtube … only open for study
2 Never search any torrent
3 Reward is must
4 open rewire after 10 days only


Good luck to you bro. Learn from your mistakes.


This does not seem to be a good idea in initial stages. :thinking:


Good to hear that you have a game plan.

I find that the Rewire community is very helpful and gives me strength to continue, but if it’s triggering in some way for you, maybe you should limit your time there.

It’s completely up to you, but I’d suggest adding a daily reminder of why you’re on this journey, how bad relapsing is and what you want to achieve. Many people who relapse after 40+ days have simply forgotten just how bad it was and only remember the good feelings. It’s also helpful to have a good way of navigating the urges - what’s yours?


Thank you and all other for giving advice and moral support

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