Relapsed what to do now?

So you relapsed what to do now ???

Relapses can get you feeling low but understand that it is natural because you feel bad for not doing something you said you’ll do and also because post relapse your dopemine levels drop so biologically it’s tough and stress full for you to feel good it will take little time to get that brain chemistry back to normal so go healthy drink lot of liquid (water , juice) ,excercise , sleep healthy and understand it will take a day or two to get thing’s back to normal but that doesn’t mean you stay down

The fact you entered this app or any kind off challenge or got a accountability partner is proof that your CONSCIOUSLY trying to quit so stop pestering your self for the relapse it’s not the end of the world this challenge and app is to boost your efforts. Relapse just means you missed out on something so don’t stay down find what it was correct it and get back up.

Yes the longer you stay off porn and masterbation improves your recovery which is the point of this app, challenges , accountability etc But relapsing doesn’t mean you have completely eliminated the progress which you have already achieved till now that is still there , now you have two choices stay down and waste few more days in this relapse or get up understand why you relapsed and make the proper adjustments

So guys who have relapsed understand the longer you stay of porn and masterbation the better your recovery, now you relapsed once keep it that way make a challenge to urself I’ll keep my relapse count for this year to only one ,don’t let this or any future relapse keep you down enjoy this struggle of figuring out and improving what went wrong

Because If you are trying to improve and learn from your relapse then " These are not failures but it’s the best progress cause you just learnt what didn’t work and now know what not to do next time

Keep your relapse count to minimum

God bless you all
And don’t stay down


A great advice indeed!


Really informative. Thank you!

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