Relapsed or Not?

This is embarrassing to ask. I’m just at my 5th day and my P is getting hard at unexpected times. Like when studying, reading ebooks. Pretty disturbing. I am not touching my P but some prec*m came out slightly. It’s not like I can take cold showers everytime this is happening, all I can do is breathe and breathe. My question: have i relapsed? And how to avoid this? This is mainly happen when I’m in my room (not on the bed) while studying in my study area.

Nope! Its not a relapse but i strongly recommend you to go outside or just wash your hands face and feet if this things happen like when you unexpectedly get hard! You just refresh yourself a bit , call a friend or just go outside for even 5 min! It works


Thanks a lot. I’ll do that right away when this happens.