Relapsed..back to day ZERO

Hey guys…well I will admit it…I played with fire too much last night and I relapsed…I just can’t seem to make it past 20 days… I have this ritual of shaving my beard off when I get back to day zero…but I want to keep my beard I really like it…but I do it as a form of punishment…either way…it’s back to day zero… I feel sad but also motivated…it gets so hard at some point but I was really feeling my energy as a man increasing but also I realized that there are a lot of demons we need to fight to defeat this terrible drug… I relapsed twice in one night but now this morning is my day zero… I am going to go to church and to pray and to confession ( I am catholic) and begin again…I want to be a REAL MAN! Some words of encouragement will help. Thanks guys.


Brother, this is porn and this is a very serious addiction. But no addiction, nothing in this world is more powerful than our brain. We can achieve anything in this world. Get into the right attitude (beastmode), close all the doors for going back, set concrete goals and go. You can do this brother. Hundreds of people before us have done this. Never relapse again. It’ll take away everything from us. Like one of our companion said: it will make you a zombie. Come back with full power
BEASTMODE :muscle::muscle:


BEASTMODE Thank you very much!

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