Relapsed and can't get on the right path again

I relapsed a shitload of times after a long 3 months streak. I have a rly hot gf and i cant resist sometimes wanking thinkin abt her when i’m alone. I wanna stop dat, sometimes i believe that since im wnkin thinking abt my gf it’s okay, but i feel bad abt it. Any advices ?

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Then you should either change the way you look at your gf or just break up with her.

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Lmfao, yeah sure bro

Do you just wank thinking about her or do you have sex also?

The urges u get for pmo starts with thoughts … Nofap completely depends on what u think about females … If u objectify women then its impossible to make higher streaks … Those who make higher streaks always make sure to clean their mind with positive thoughts n think women as a supportive friend for improvement or goddess … Then u can make higher streaks easily …