Relapsed again. Need help

I’ve crossed my highest streak (which was 5 days) yesterday. I became so happy and lost control over my self and I relapsed again. I need your advice on how to control uncontrollable urges

See this video 2-3 times and u will get how to control urges


Don’t worry and try to recall what lead to relapse. Slowly as you grow on this program you will understand yourself better. Have better control overself. Don’t get dishearten and carry on and this time try to break this streak record.

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We pmo because we think there is something good in it, but there never has been, and never will be. Pmo is always, always a poison.

Applauding ourselves for being free is foolish.
And we should never start thinking “I’ll get 100 days”
Or scare, blame, hurt ourselves over a relapse, because pmo is bad enough.

It has never brought me happiness and smiles, only misery and tears.
Never relaxed me, just stress and worry.
… There is so much bad to mention about pmo I feel a bit sick and would rather not talk about it.

Don’t beat yourself up over a relapse.
I say don’t applaud ourselves or set goals because we ought to realise pmo has no value whatsoever.

We don’t need strategy, strength, mindfulness, plans, goals, and days to be proud of, due to not cutting our heads off - pmo is literally that.

I’ve been here for 2 years now and bought into so many ideas that seem helpful, but have only ever kept me believing and struggling there is something good about pmo and that it is some kind of painful sacrifice.
The only real pain IS pmo!
There is NO quitting pmo, because pmo is pain.

When I pmo, I am sacrificing my happiness and mental well being.

We don’t need to conflate nopmo with building a new life with plans, ideas, and things to feel proud of.