Relapsed again, and I'm lost

I dont know what do anymore, it feels good when I relapsed i liked it.
But after relapse there’s a part of me saying “I’m gonna get stronger and better than this” and the next day i feel like i don’t have any goals or why i started in the first place, I’ve had this addiction for 2 years and i don’t want it to get worse like a disease.
Do any of you have been in this path or familiar with it? How did you get through it? I would like to know.


So sad that you have relapsed sending more power to you ! But don’t feel guilty,guilty make sadness and sadness lead to relapse as per my opinion! Almost everyone feel the same way which you are mentioning about,I’m the one too! The things is at that phase your brain start healing so it’s quite normal don’t have to be stressed out just whenever you are came cross with thought just do simple things like start doing pushup or distract your mind with some books, newspaper, start listening music you feel better :))


I have been there too. Maybe the problem is that you don’t really want to quit, you just “kinda” want it. Don’t get me wrong, it is pretty common and fixable. My advice is to try educating yourself on the negative of porn addiction, try reading the statistics of the most famous porn sites and try to think about it wether you want to be part of that statistic. Lastly, try to take a paper and sumarize the pros and cons of watching porn and the pros and cons of quitting it. I hope you’ll find answers and a peace of mind. Stay strong brother!

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I actually completely relate to that.
But getting on no fap helped me get things done in past that I probably never would have achieved otherwise.
I failed on and off and I still slip once in a while. Happened with me recently then a man here reminded me the importance of having clear goals, goals that drive you.
Create a vision for yourself, imagine yourself being 70 years of age, what would you want yourself having been done if you looked back at your life, what would be that thing that would make you satisfied at that time that I am grateful for having done that in my life, or opposite, I wish I had done that in my life.
Make that your life’s purpose, think about it time and again, get other short term goals as well.
Keep working for them, if you are working for something that you’re passionate about your thoughts will align with that purpose and such addictions will be dropped off.
Plus know that there’s no real pleasure in indulging with addictive habits, it’s just an illusion that your mind tricks you with. Real pleasure comes from achieving goals and working on yourself.
Keep going mate :fire:

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Once you find yourself in a hole the first thing you got to do is to stop digging

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