Relapsed after day 30!!

Hello fapstronauts. Today was a very bad day for me as I had relapsed after 30 days of my NoFap streak. I was playing Cricket 22 on PC. Suddenly my thought of a ***nstar came and bam !! I opened a site which I was supposed to and…… (You know!!) I can’t understand what to do? Suggest me some tips what to do?


Hey bro, i can feel what you going through. I also relapsed few days back when i was on day 34.
I thought now i am extremely powerful and have full control. I thought myself I am ,“Imperial Knight” and thought i can control even my orgasm. With this overconfidence i started edging and boom, i fell into trap of PMO, again back to zero. I went in shock that all my efforts gone in vain.
But then I learnt something from this relapse…You need to be extremely humble everyday and keep praying god everyday for the wisdom and control to do only productive things in life…You don’t need to do anything special, just need to stay from PMO.
Little bit of things that you can do is working out, this will help you start loving your body and energy and thus you will stop eating crapy junk foods and stop ejaculating (basically no pmo). Workout will help you to develop winning attitude and in alignment with the nature.
Workout will help to get good sleep in night so you make better decisions in life.
You can also do mediation, read good books and cold shower must.
Post relapse the feeling is extremely pathetic but suggest you take this as a learning and a part of process to make you humble and grounded, but mind you it’s always better to learn from mistakes and above all the others, not to repeat the mistake, never ever.
Stay blessed bro, just a matter of first 10 days and you will again start feeling better.


I Can’t Even Go for a week Relapsing hardly


It’s alright, if you believe yourself then pls start going to gym…Go to gym for atleast for first 3 days and do good workout, from day 4 u will start gaining confidence and control… Try once, it worked for many of us bro…when we workout there is a development of some amazing attitude towards life and our body which surely gives u enough control to go for semen retention…and one more thing don’t call it as NOPMO or NOFAP, but call it as SEMEN RETENTION, it works…our mind doesn’t understands NO word… keep positive affirmations and u will surely shine VERY SOON bro.

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This is not completely starting over unless you make it. One relapse is not a fall it’s a slip. You can keep going if you choose to. Just keep pushing man! You got this!


Seriously i too felt very bad after relapsing on day 34…i felt like all my efforts gone and now am on day 0, but i did good workout 2 days and started feeling slightly better now but i know for sure it will take some time to feel again like on day 34. All we need to do is keep pushing with faith on god.


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