Relapsed after 192 days

i was on day 192 of Nofap.I was receiving a flatline i didnt had libido and i thought if i was gay,that fear made my skin crawl like crazy so in order to face it i went on gay site to know about me and tbh that was disgusting af for me,(much respect to all the homos tho) and eventually i went to straight ph sites and relapsed.What should i do?

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Start again…:grin::grin::grin::grin:

Ambivertio 2^7*3/2=192

I guess how hard it can be to bring those 192 days to 0 but don’t give up. Nothing serious has happened, you are not in your initial condition, you are far ahead despite that single relapse, the important thing is that you do not fall other times in a short time. Watch out.
I know that without fap life has become wonderful, it is too important to hold it tight by not falling.


You are normal bro . It’s just your mind playing tricks with you. Think lesss about down there and start occupying your days with something.dont waste your time.

You are already a rock star. Start again

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