Relapsed after 150 days what I learned?

Hello everyone I was 15 when I found out about nofap and I got serious about it when I was 16-17 I have failed so many times soo soo many times I always thought of giving up on nofap and I have given up sometimes trying to follow nofap and relapsing hour after another hour

but the best thing about this is it’s like a poison if you will stop trying to be on nofap you will notice that the poison is spreading all over your body and it’s killing you and You will once again start but again you will fall ;

So, I have done a lot of mistakes and never learned from them and just kept on trying to pretend that I am serious about nofap !

The one thing which changed me was I found something to love and I didn’t paid any attention to PMO or anything I was not visiting forum anymore I was so busy I didn’t care, I started to love studying just because I was started to get a lot of attention all of a sudden I was being considered smart and wherever I go I was feeling important I got addicted to that feeling and for that I got soo busy I studied for like 13-14 hours (though unproductive) but soon it starts to fade away and this attention seeker attitude got away and because I was studying for 13-14 hrs a day for 50+ days even though I wasn’t much interested out of habit I would sit on my table and study ! There is a phrase in hindi -

Shuru majboori me kiye the lekin ab maza aarha hai

The starting motivation was something else but even though that motivation faded away I no longer was an attention seeker I still did it because of my habit ! So, Start no matter what or how stupid your motivation or make your own motivation and start doing start to love something and make it your habit !


I am just trying to share my experience I apologise if something I wrote is wrong because I am still a learner I posted this on my diary but I thought this might help other people so here -

Unwanted unecessary stimulation (Dopamine hits) we get from social media or watching vlogs or some sort of youtube video is the reason of falling in the trap of boredom and depression !

I urge everyone to go on a social media detox for 1-2 days and see the difference don’t wory about PMO or anything just do not touch any electronic devices or unnecessary stimulation

Go read a book or play outside

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Another thing which I realised is the main reason of falling into the loop of PMO is

Having an undisciplined life

Not deciding what to do on a particular time not knowing what to do next going along the flow will only create those small boredom holes !
Just start writing your schedule and try to follow it just try I can assure you u will never follow it 100 % and it’s okay even after doing it for 23 days I haven’t completed any day with 100% efficiency but I don’t have any boredom holes I know what to next and don’t be too hard on yourself everything’s okay be consistent and patient and You will experience the greatest pleasure of life that is living a happy life and don’t chase happiness chase satisfaction and fear from regret coz happiness is something if you chase it you will never be truly happy !

watch this video carefully it will for sure help a lot ! Cole hasting has some really amazing advice for life you and I are different listen to everything and apply and stick to what works for you !

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And Remember don’t try to escape boredom by going to PMO or watching any video (even productivity video)

Boredom is the time where our creativity is at it’s peak

Earlier many scientific researches used to happen because people were bored and when they asked the right question to themselves (because of creativity space provided by boredom) they try to find it’s answer

See Newton he was sitting under an apple tree who the fuck has time now a days to sit under an apple tree and where the fuck is an apple tree in my city, and he wasn’t thinking about the last time he had sex and how good it was ! He wasn’t using his creativity to create the best imagination porn of the girl u met or saw in any of the video ! Use your creative power into something constructive and construct something You will love or you will love to struggle for !

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Bro it’s a humble request that you delete the YouTube video link that you have posted . People can Access the web using that link thus creating problem ls. I think you would want to help people so plz stop posting anything with YouTube link

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