Relapsed 9 times in just 4 days, help please

I am feeling so ashamed right now relapsed 9 times. I went through porn and masterbated several times. Feeling so bad cause I fantasizing also and jerking off. Please guide me I have been fighting PMO from 2 years and this is end of an year still no improvement in my addiction. What are the ways I can avoid this and focus on something better?


There are some ways to get out of PMO

  1. Ensure that you keep yourself busy all the time
  2. Analyse yourself. Analyse at which day and at what time interval you relapse. If you can get that, you could make yourself so engaged. And so you can’t focus on the porn.
  3. Whenever you get urges, do some exercises or have a cold shower or hold your breath or get out of the place where you are.
  4. Listen to your most favourite songs
  5. Share your feelings in this forum
  6. When you get urges, go and spend your time with your most favourite person which maybe your GF or parents or friends.

Hope this is helpful to you bro. May I know about you? That is age, studying school or college or an employee like that.


Thank you bro. I will definitely try this. I am persuing my Bachelors and currently I am 21 years old.


I need companion who can help me in my journey or who can keep an eye on me. Please share your id for companion.


First stage to overcome masturbation is to first make up your mind to stop it, i am sure you need to know the effect of it. However, there is a channel on telegram that helped me physically, mentally and wholeheartedly. It is a masculine channel, you will learn alot. If you are interested,


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Yeah you are right but when urge comes I lost control over my mind and then just fantasize and relapsed again. After that I regret as always. Yesterday night I made this forum and today morning I relapsed. What hard things I have to take to get free from porn, masterbation?

Get out of your comfort zone as soon as possible
Whenever you are getting urges,go for a jogg or start doing little excercise

Let the sexual energy be transmutated


Yes, next time I will hit gym or just get out of my home. Thank you for guidance.


Link expired … send again

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After 3 days restraining, I masterbated 4 times a day by watching porn could not control myself. Everytime I said that I will stop but after few minutes or hours I did it again and again. I feel terrible, please help. How can I stop this? I can’t control my urges, I am tired of this shit.

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@Naruto_Companion, I understand how difficult it is to control your urges, but the first step to overcoming this issue is acknowledging that you have a problem and seeking help. Have you considered seeking the help of a therapist or joining a challenge here in the forum? It can also be helpful to set boundaries for yourself (for example, some rules to access internet) and have accountability with a trusted friend or family member.

Try to identify the root causes of your behavior. This addiction is not an isolate thing. Real and sound results come from addressing those underlying issues. It will take time and effort (and patience), but with determination and support, you can overcome this challenge.


Thank you. I was on a trip for 8 days with my friends for that time I didn’t think about porn and masterbation. I was clean for 12 days then I came home after 2 days I started masterbating and masterbated 4 times in 3 days. I think my comfort zone is killing me in this problem. I have vacation now for a month so this problem will occur more but I will try to overcome this. Please guide if you think I can do better.


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