Relapse wisdom (I learned that...)

Hello fellow fighters,
Let’s pool our collective experiences!
If you relapse, come to this topic and write “I learned that…”
This can be what triggered you, and what preventive measures you can take for the next similar situation.
Like this, you can work through what happened in a constructive manner, and also, others can benefit from your experiences instead of reinventing the wheel!

More info:
After a relapse, no matter how long the streak, most of us fall off the wagon, binge, suffer feelings of weakenss, failure, insufficiency, and depression, and take some time to reach high streaks again. Instead, let’s find a constructive way of seeing and dealing with relapses.

A relapse does not mean you are restarting your path but it only means you stumbled. It is up to you to keep lying down OR to pick yourself up, look why you tripped, and continue in your lifelong road to recovery.

Also, don’t identify yourself with this addiction. It is a Little Devil who keeps nagging at you, so let’s find how we can quieten his voice and eventually silence him completely! :blush:

@FishEater, thanks for the inspiration! Your positive attitude and statement in your last post gave me this idea! :+1:


I learned that I have to keep my bedroom completely electronics- and internet-free.
ESPECIALLY after I just relapsed.


*I’ve learned that some streaks are longer than others.

*I also assume that if urges disappear they can come back unexpectedly. I try to be ready for them.