Relapse that is now inspiring a Journal

From Day 100 to day 2. My fall from grace has me feeling empty. As if all passion has been drained from my being.

However I keep walking through the filth to re-enter a life worth living


I’m feeling a bit more motivated tday. I feel fine doing stuff at my flat. However I’m feeling anti-social. I cancelled all my plans tday. Pre-aranged meets and opportunities that came up.

While this is an improvement. I fell from Emperor status. It’s a hell of a drop. Those words are ringing true for me.

Don’t watch porn or masturbate. It’s not worth it.

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I hope you will reach 100 again and go over it!!!0 go watch my diary if you need help in this moment… Still fight!!!

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Share a link. I’ve been unable to find it

a271ff. I am here from only 2 weeks I don’t know how to share diary sorry man…