Relapse, start over again. This time stronger and without obsession

I think there is absolutely no need to feel like shit when you relapse. Try your best and start again. Lot of you think too much of nofap. You just can’t obsess about this too much. Take nofap as companion for your personal growth. Its not filled with superpowers. It gives you confidence and clarity (which are superpowers in their own respect). You can’t depend on nofap to turn your life around. It can be a big big aid but at the end of the day you’ve got to believe in yourself and start without any regrets. Relapse is completely natural so don’t feel like shit everytime you relapse. Nofap is not a thing to obsess over. At least that’s what I have experienced.
I’m currently on 8th day of my nofap and I used to be absolutely obsessed which made it harder to continue my streak. This time I’m trying after a long time and I am not as obsessed as before. I just try one day at a time.
Blocking porn on my android has been a big big help. I have used Trend Micro’s antivirus.
All of you are great for even trying this.