Relapse reasons

Please share your experience about relapses and what causes them!

for me its almost always desire for sexual pleasure. My mind find porn more joyful tham sex but after sex one feel fullfilled but after fapping watching porn one feel empty.

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I wonder if it matters when you do PMO, for me when i do it just before bedtime its easy for me to fall asleep. If I do it during the day i feel bad because i have no longer energy to do anything else, thats obvious.What do you think about that?

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There are two main reasons for relapse:

  1. Its hard for me to fall asleep without fapping
  2. If i am angry about anything it helps me to reduce my stress level…
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Another positive thing is that I feel calm the next day, but very lazy and without confidence.

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Soo are you planning to beat the addiction because it seems to me your hormones or ernegy it out of balance soo if you stop it will gradually increase your ernegy levels and eventually you will wake up with more ernegy!

To be honest Im planning to reduce the frequency, its impossible for me to stop once and for all.My first goal is to reach 1 week, then 2,3 and I’ll see where it will get me.

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You got the mind set already thats the first step yes 1 week and so on thats awesome you will get there Brother!

Yes brother, small steps!

When I have nothing interesting to do I gets distracted and fap.

I used to test my limits, and wanted to see whether I could watch porn and not masturbate. That way I always end up masturbating. But now, I don’t do it and thanks to that I’m on a streak of 55 days.