Relapse Or Nightfall

Hey guys, last night at around 4 am , I was sleeping . I was not in full control and I relapsed. I don’t know if it’s a relapse or nightfall (lucid dream/wet dream) . But I was sleeping and half conscious and half unconscious. And this was my first relapse/nightfall in 21 days. What do you guys think should I restart my streak ???

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If you are asleep and you cummed without any intention then it’s not a relapse. Nightfall aka wet dreams are natural part of the body to get rid of old sperm or semen lol ldk exactly which one but the point stands that it shouldn’t be classified as a relapse. Almost everyone gets these once in awhile and if they counted as a relapse then no males would get a high Streak

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I didn’t do it intentionally for sure(half asleep) , but after relapse I woke up and knew I relapsed.

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Don’t restart your counter. Your fine as you experienced a natural orgasm which is different to masturbating on your own

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And also I’m not feeling guilty or loss in energy (I felt for a bit and sleep again but in morning I’m fine as usual)as we do after masturbation.

Nightfall isn’t. Relapse


So that’s a clean chit :joy: ,way to go already my highest streak :muscle:


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