Relapse if mo was with wife?

So I’m overseas now. My wife and I did the deed over video. I watched her until completion. She watched me until completion. Does this start the timer over? I started this because I wanted to kick porn and excessive masturbation. I figured if what I did was with her and for her I should be fine. Thoughts anyone?

If it creates bonds and love btw you two I don’t see a problem. Its real, just a different medium. Maybe I would not fap to that. But more on enjoying this interaction as it shows you still need each other


Technically yes but no… You did indeed masturbate… but as both parties did it this may not count. As you did it for love and marriage…

Personally I think if it one time deal it’s fine but if you think you seem addicted and try some more then I guess that’s a relapse… So no relapse