Relapse Depression- Advice?

Hey guys, I just went a month clean but relapsed today. Does anyone else find themselves extremely depressed after relapsing and it takes away a lot of motivation to start again? Like, “oh my streak is low so why bother?” Could use some motivation when it comes to getting back on track after such a big fall. (It’s a big fall to a noobie nofapper like me.)

If anyone would like to add me my code is


And I’d appreciate it because competition really drives me.

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It takes a lot of effort for me to stay calm after a relapse, one of my biggest problems. I just know that the more I work myself up, hate myself, put myself down, lose hope, etc the farther down the rabbit hole I go and the more difficult it will be to pull myself out. My latest relapse was my easiest one to move on from because I made a huge effort to keep myself calm and to not put myself down.
Long story short, just don’t go down the path of hating yourself and putting yourself down. It does much more harm than good.


I appreciate that. It’s hard. But I guess nothing worth doing is ever easy. I want to look at this fall as an opportunity to get back up.

Ever since watching Mark Rober’s Ted Talk about it, I think of it like a Mario game. Every time you fall in a hole or get hit by an enemy, you learn from it. Next time you’ll know to jump higher or go around. Focusing on the failure want build progress, focus on what you learn from the failure that will help it not happen again.

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Yea relapsing after a good streak is depressing, however you should not feel like that. As said many times you should think about what you did wrong and move on with the experience. For me it’s usually the matter of being close to the Internet too much. After I relapsed I absolutely have to stay away from Internet and electronics as I know that I need to build solid ground again first. Hope this helps a bit.