Relapse and looking for a companion

Hi guy 23 belgium

I was doing good, i rebooted my life… i used to watch porn 8 houres a day to 5min a week i even met someone new, got feelings for her.
Until yesterday i realized she does not have the same feelings for me…i feel like shit.
I needed something to make me feel better i started watch porn al day to make me feel better.
And now i’m here trying to get help again before it gets out of hands.

I want to get better.
sharing code 8d94d25


Ohk bro…add me as your companion…u can always relie on me sharing code: ij36fi

Hi I’d like to pick this up with you. I’m from the netherlands so we might be able to speak in dutch (or are you from german/french parts of Belgium).

Sorry to hear about the girl but like you experienced porn will not heal that.

Anyway I’m a 22 years old male and I recently relapsed after an 18 days streak. Let’s cut it out both forever!

My code: a42lzy


ik spreek nederlands :slight_smile:

Add me back i just relapsed started day 0 lets rise togather

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