Relapse and its feeling

So today I relapsed after a 37 day streak that was my highest .What I think made me relapse was the situation I was in . I had come back from my college , had a little lunch and watched some game of thrones and finally slept at 5:30pm . When I got up at 6:00pm I had these insane headaches and general displeasure at the way I got up ( I was thinking of relapse since the morning) I thought there and then that I was going to relapse right now and then I got busy relapsing , searched porn for 20 mins before finding a site( all the other were down) , started fapping to a video but came before even the clothes of the actors got off
I felt sick (I noticed I was not enjoying the idea of watching porn but that of masturbating ) I became sader by the minute untill I cleaned up and went back
So what do you guys think could have been done in my situation

I’ve been in your situation before, first off I’m a huge GOT fan, but I don’t watch it anymore because of all the nude/erotic scenes, I would recommend staying away from any movies TV shows or music that uses sex as a selling point, you might be able to stand the urge for the moment but it will eat away at your resolve. As far as after that point if you are like I’m gonna relapse, Dude GET OUT OF THERE FAST, go running talk to a friend, pray, take it minute by minute. I have found that I am more prone to relapse if I an just sitting around chilling. I have to stay active, clean my house, run, get ready for work, go see a friend, anything outdoors is good. I personally have stopped watching all movies and TV shows and all modern music because our culture these days is so steeped with sex, it’s everywhere. That definitely helps me, but the thing that helps the most is asking God for help, he’s just waiting for us to ask :), You got this bro, don’t put yourself down, because it won’t help, just get up, take up your sword and continue the fight


@aneeque444 I’m surprised you fapped after you had a headache. Maybe the day before you were exposed to a trigger that set you on a course to relapse.
I think it’s great you reached 37 days. Count it as a win and start a new Streak. I think relapses are going to be a part of every person’s journey.

It was like what you experience after you go to a high stress after being stress free for say a month

I skip those scenes , I put a piece of paper on my phone and take of the ear phones

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