Relapse and alcohol

If alcohol is one of the triggers

Should one leave it completely forever please share your thoughts on this ?

Bro is digging too deep into this shit.

What is the point of having it anyway? Unless maybe used for medicinal purposes (local folk medicines do use it sometimes)

I’m of course not being very strict about it.

If you have had it once in months altogether, I get the point. But with this post it apparently seems that you take it regularly.

Do you really think that helps your body or mind in any possible way?

No it doesn’t help in any way and I have reduced intake significantly but in some social occasions it increases the fun

but at times it also reason for relapse so I am thinking to quit but that also means I might have to avoid those social events if I only can get this in control I know I have got rest all sorted

But yes if it’s required I am ready to quit alcohol as well

But just want to know if anyone out there does drink and has his reboot also going well how he does it

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Yea I am trying this year I’ll get this done for sure

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Then quit it. A more elaborate answer would be that you quit it straight for 2-3 years after which you will acquire control your sexual urges. After that your choice.

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Yes you should leave it completely forever,but if you are addicted then reduce it slowly.


I don’t drink alcohol and I’m totally fine and I don’t want to do it at all. Many people find it the same way. The other beautiful truth is, you don’t need alcohol at all for whatever reason. You might think it increases the fun but it’s like saying watching p.orn increases the fun. You’re just ruining your mind and body. You must quit it.


Good suggestion guys will quit alcohol atleast for a year or till I am sure It won’t affect my Reboot