Relapse after 26 days

Yesterday I was on 26 day of my nofap journey. I was just reading the topics on Rewire companion message forum but when I read how to long last in pussy and about sex than I become horny and couldn’t control on my emotions and relapse. Now I am feeling bad i couldn’t completed my target of 30 days

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Please help me i just need your help

Hey Man
Try to stay away from social media
26 days is really really good

Don’t give up
If you give up
You let the enemy win
Devastate the enemy push push push

Gain control of ur mind
Put ur phone down go for a walk

It’s hard but keep on trying

You must not let the enemy win

Believe in urself and u will see wonders happening
You got this good man



I hit 23 days without a relapse. That was the furthest I’ve EVER went.
But if we can get that far, we have proof we can do it again.

And looking back on it, when we had that relapse from a long streak we can say “I really could’ve gotten past that, had I not let my gaurd down.”.

We’ll get there. It’ll be a battle through every day. And we may fall here and there along the way. But just because we lost a few battles does not mean we’ve lost the war.

The fact we are doing something about our fap addiction shows we are WINNING the war!


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey

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