Relapse,a terrible fall

I’m rly upset of relapsing over and over, my highest streak was 30+days but i just fucked it up now and it seems like i can’t do more than 4days.Please help i really want to stop it …


What are your triggers, or situations for relapses?

Being honest and practical about everything goes a long way. I’m a practicing Catholic, so you can bet I’m in confession most weeks :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Jokes aside,… Being honest is golden. Feeling some remorse and shame is okay, even good. But I strongly suggest never to get emotionally worked up, use foal language, nor feel guilty about it - Actually - never feel guilty, just some disappointment that you know you can do better from now on.
If you fall again, same process, no guilt, just shame of loss of integrity.

Apart from my religious conviction, what has helped is being Stoic and realising everytime I p/m/o it is me making that choice.
It is just another way of sitting on the fence and giving up faith in this.

If we really are to quit pmo, we must see it is a choice beyond our feelings.


I don’t feel ashamed or guilty, i’m just upset of being in that rabbit hole. My mood is always happy but it can get better if i can control my sexual energy and that what i can’t do anymore, i need some tips…
For the triggers of the urge : None.
I just get horny and say that i’ll just watch porn and stop but that lead me to fap…


“I’ll just watch porn and not fap” is your brain tricking you into fapping… you won’t even know and your hand will be there… you don’t want that be strong block the sites and switch off your phone whenever u feel the urge


I see where you’re coming from. I’m not trying to out fap you, but yeah, I really know the feeling, ‘feeling contempt and easy, why not fap?’ fuck it, I can’t help it, I just love ###!
Followed by a bunch of fuck yeahs! Look at this, look at that, or how about…Oh wow look at that
A fun party inside my head.
A marriage between my brain and the Internet.

Every time you open-up a search engine, and say “yeah? Whatever”
ask yourself “Do I really want to repeat this bullshit cycle yet again?”

Even if you don’t blow-your-load, you’re still putting that fantasy b.s in your head, and your brain will dominate you.
It’s gaining strength against you, while your integrity and will power diminish more and more.

Seriously, do you really want that?

It is always your choices.
Integrity, stamina, will power - stronger day by day.
Or,… No REAL self respect, weakness, dullness - stronger day by day

Tips -
Quit social media.
Don’t smoke weed.
(or at least look at it, if you do toke)
GIVE UP internet for a period of time - what else other than porn do you use Internet for?

Personally, I use Internet for… :thinking::thinking::thinking: Erm… I don’t actually know.
It’s either for entertainment or education -

Identity why you use the Internet, and use it solely and only for that purpose, at that given time. If you feel your mind wandering, and you’re not using it for the purpose you intended switch that off immediately.
And yes, even if it seems harmless and you’re just browsing out of curiosity.

An idlemind is the devil’s playground.
Work to make your mind as sharp as knife, something you can feel proud of :fist:

Other tips -
Enjoy early nights ie;
cleaning your teeth, shower,
preparing for tomorrow, some healthy reading before bed, and a good sleep.
Practice simple stuff, and make them into rituals you can enjoy.
Try and do everything with joy and purpose.

Sorry for the long msg, I hope something grabs your attention. Peace be with you :pray:


I think it begins with knowing we are human and that we do not have it all together. We will mess up and we will fall down. Feeling bad is also part of the process because we know we are better than these actions. What you do with your shame and guilt is what counts. Do you let it be a reminder that you are capable of more and that God wishes you to be right in His presence or do you permit it to consume you and accept the lies of the enemy? Prayer, Confession, identifying triggers, getting good rest, and belief in yourself are all keys to growing and fighting against any addiction. You can do it!

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He was saying, he doesn’t feel guilt or shame, but I really like what you said

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think shame is very useful. It’s always a shame to be distant from God. My pride in my intellect is doing that right now :man_facepalming:t2::pray:

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I’m also using internet to gather some knowledge ( i’m into ted talks right now), but nvm i’ll try to get out of this shit. Thank you for your time and your help, you are all good guys.
Good luck gentlemens and once again thank you.

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Wishing you well bro.
Excuse me, I get carried away with my thoughts.
Hope to see you smashing some awesome streaks ahead!

Thanks for u post, man. Please, keep in the battle and keep post your success or fail whatever. But it’s important for people in the same situation like me.

So, i am from Brazil. And have been hard go forward before many fails . But here we go again. I will try use that app to keep my mind focused and improve my reading in the same time. So, if someone can help me with this, I will be very thankful. Just to trade some mensages with good subjects. Would better than walk alone, u now. Please add me lcwps9… It’s my day 2 , of my thousands try.

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