Regular urges causing disturbance in studies

Hello guys , I am at day 36 of nofap and i mistakenly saw some porn substitutes which caused me many regular urges for 3-4 days …At this point it feels like it is causing disturbance in my lifestyle, it feels like it would be better if I just mast* and I can focus properly…what should I do…
I want some advices to get above this …

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Giving in to an urge is like drinking salt water to quench your thirst. You only get thirstier. You need to beat the urge, and the best way to do that, is to do whatever you need to focus on. Don’t allow any more triggers for now. Giving up is not an option. Don’t be tricked by your messed up reward system.

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Thanks brother @Attempt_Two_Electric_Boogaloo

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@neo_150. As you are a student also I think you can also give me some advice

Completely agree with @Adioz and @Attempt_Two_Electric_Boogaloo

For doing studies… this thing also applicable … see your reasons to motivate yourself…try to take breaks at regular interval…(discipline in routine)

Bdw Right now… I am not in a situation to give you such advice… becoz I am too… not able to study now a days…

But my reasons are quite different… even I am feeling very weak now a days…

But brother… Porn is unacceptable… If you want to leave Fap…then you have to leave Porn first… make this commitment brother.


Thanks bros @Adioz and @neo_150 you guys right . I will fight negative thoughts …actually my urges have reduced a bit in these 4 days . And I hope if I keep fighting for about 7 to 8 days it will automatically reduce…