Regarding the recent server issues

I think it’s time for me to explain the repeated service disruption of the forum. Members who are rather frequent on the forum might have noticed the repeated 5-25 mins of downtime of the server over the past few days.

What happened was we ran out of disk space and that caused a spiral of errors and issues. Thankfully we recovered from most of it, all of our posts, PMs, images are intact. A select few users might have lost their custom avatars. I’ve moved the uploads to a separate server and also put a CDN onto it. So now I don’t have to worry about storage issues anymore. (for a while now). I’ve also put checks in place so that I know about these things ahead of time.

The repair process, the configuration changes, and the trial and error of few things caused the unavoidable frequent server restarts.

We are at a pretty good place as of now, most of the issues are solved. I will be monitoring until I am 100% sure though. There are still a few minor details left to iron out (like recovering those lost avatars from backups) and I’ll work on it as I get time. So this week might also be a little bit rough on the availability.


Thanks for the transparency and keep up the amazing work you are doing.