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I have just read a book called the miracle morning and it says your body can function well on any number of hours of sleep varying from 4-9 hrs it just depends on mindset. And I have also read in number of sources including the book ‘why we sleep’ by Matthew Walker who is a neuroscientist, that we require 7-9 hours of sleep to function to the fullest. So I have been taking 8 or 8+ hours of sleep mostly but now after reading miracle morning I am thinking of reducing my sleep hours to somewhere between 7-7.5 ( also above medically recommended minimum) though I had tried this previously too but I switched back to 8+ hours everytime. Do you guys think I will get used to 7hrs 15 min of sleep if I stick with this number for next few days?


Yes , u will get used to it …

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@Ash_Matt @GOVIND-19 @nofapstar123 @PrDr I need all you guys’ opinion on this matter, share your views if possible.


why do you want to change your sleep routine? :thinking:
of course you will get used to it but if you are fine with 8 hrs sleep you should continue it ( if you are havin no exams at the moment!)

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Depends bro! If you work out or play basketball then I recommend you have at least 8 hours of sleep. But if it’s those days where you just study all day, then 7 hours should be fine I guess. But it all depends on your energy levels dude. For me personally 8+ hours works best for me. If you do ok with 7 hours then that’s fine too. Nothing less than 7 hours though! 7 hours is a minimum :+1:

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Hi Samaranjay

I have tried different things.
For some time during my studies I tried segmented sleep where you sleep multiple times a day. Leading to a total of somewhere between 4-6 hrs
I have tried short sleep at night and napping during day.
I have also tried the regular 8hrs and 9hrs schedule.

In the end, I would say that your body will tell you if it is right.
For every sleep schedule you will find scientific evidence for and against it. So, you will never find an answer if one or the other is better or if one is unhealthy.

So, I found that I just have to listen carefully. I can go with 6hrs at night. But then I definitely need a 30min nap during the day. But it feels more comfortable to me to sleep 8hrs

With getting used to it, there are two things. One is the habit: You will have to adjust your inner clock. That will take a few days (weeks depending on how stark the change is)
And than there is the getting used to an unhealthy behavior. If it is not enough sleep you will never get used to it because it is toxic.

I would also adjust to type of work. If you have hard days (studying, hard mental work, hard physical work) I would not cut on sleep. (Never underestimate how hard studying is. The brain is the part of your body which consumes the most energy)


Bro, a normal average person can function well on sleeping 6-8 hours everyday. I believe sleeping around 7-7.5 hours is perfect. It won’t have any worse effects than sleeping 8 hours. But treat yourself kindly and act according to your comfort. Sleeping for an hour less which stays in your mind for the rest of the day, ruining more time than you could have spend in actual sleep is not worth it. So, decide accordingly.
Books are good. Its amazing to read how many nice things they say, but if all of us could live the way these books tell us, then the world wouldn’t be so colourful and vivid. You are a different person than that writer, read his words, think about them but only act on what your intuition tells you to do. You are your best companion.
Take care.

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I have to do exercise and studying daily. Considering all the opinions here I think 8 will be the best for me, but I wanna try sleeping for 7hrs 15 minutes for next month at least, it will be hard for me though but still I am deciding to stick with 7.25 hours of sleep at night and if absolutely necessary then short 20-30 min nap in the day. Let’s see how it goes.
@nofapstar123 @GOVIND-19 @PrDr @neveragaintw thanks for sharing your valuable opinions.


Minimum 7.5 hours if non gym
8 hours if you are gymming

Simple as that

I don’t go to gym, but I run and do home workouts (play basketball too occasionally) . Also I am planning to study almost entire day. Still I wanna experiment with 7hrs 15minutes sleep for next few days.


@Samaranjay Yes…I get 6 hours of sleep at night. Now 8 hours makes me feel more tired than 6 hours, and I used to sleep 9 hours in 10th. Beast mode man, burn the fire! Usually take 7 hours after basketball matches cause they torture my body. Gym you’ll get used to it with 6 hours if you have a routine.

Note that I sleep 1hr+ some time in the day though. Just when I feel tired and need a break.

Thanks man this helped a lot. I am ready to unleash the beast now.

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