Reducing phone use tips

Hey guys. After I recently relapsed I realized that the primary reason was because of how easily and freely I use my phone from day to day. I know there’s a group currently on rewire that is doing a hard-mode little phone use challange, but I can’t really do that because I need my phone for work, but I did find some ways to reduce the detracting part of it for all you like me who need your phone but get distracted by it too easily.

  1. Turn on grayscale. I got this idea from another user here (I’m sorry, I forgot your tag and couldn’t find you. If you know it’s you please feel free to take credit.) this helped me a lot. Most phones have the option. Some are harder to change than others but I’m sure there’s a tutorial somewhere on YouTube for whatever one you have if you can’t figure it out on your own. I don’t know exactly how it works, but basically the concept is that taking away the flashy colors out of your phone takes away the dopamine rush of instant feedback (or at least part of it). It definitely helped me and I think it’ll help you too.
  2. Set a timer on your apps. I don’t know if all phones have this, but setting a timer on the apps that you know distract you the most is very helpful. The main ones for me were chrome, social media, and games. I didn’t notice how long I was using these apps until I set timers on them and realized how fast I wasted time using them.
    These were the only ones I could think of for the moment but if you guys have any other tips please share them. I hope this helps. Stay strong.

I think gray-scale was @Tagore 's idea
Best advice is to block all social media and disable Google and YouTube on your phone. Use a desktop for it. Once I did so, my phone usage daily is less than 30 mins. And I haven’t had a relapse due my phone in ages.
Use blocksite, and password protection. Let someone else make and know the password.

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