Red pill đź’Š in modern era

I haven’t seen this topic being discussed much here. Tho, in our modern society it’s importance for men has increased. With the liberalism and rise of lgbtq community (I don’t have anything them as long as they don’t do woke shit and impose their ideology) , men have became addicted to bad habits of ■■■■ and chasing after women destroying their growing years in the process.
Have ur say and tell me what do u think about it.


I think so that these have changed a humans mind theory a bit . .

At first…
People would just have sex with their wives…
The relationship except that was taken as some severe bad thing…

But now, it is being taken as part of enjoyment…

A prostitute is given a good name ( â– â– â– â–  Star)

A good family never wants their family person involved in these things… But now things are going towards some dangerous things…

If u look at wife of some one…
He will mind it

But these kind of people are enjoying couple swapping even…
Means not just looking and staring but fucking is also made normal…

Sex in public is also some severe poison for society…
But we are shown these type of things…
And now nude beaches and so many these type of things are made…

Means your mind is now looking on everyone with thoughts of fucking , having sex etc

Whether it is a student teacher relation,
Bro sis, mom son, dad daughter , doctor patient…

P()rn industry is showing us that this all is acceptable…
And our moral values are being damaged…
We are being brainwashed…

There’s much to write…
But i can’t because it will be too long…

Note : if anyone finds something against your thoughts… Sorry in advance…
U can have change opinions


Our modern society gave people a false idea about freedom.

Freedom is finished when the freedom of the other starts.

You can’t do with a women’s body what you want (If you aren’t married) like ■■■■ sites show as and there are even limits with marriage like aggressive behaviors etc…

This is a violation for a woman’s right but our modern society encourages it and made the youth completely brainwashed.

I would also like to point out that our modern society also encourage men to be themselves which is pathetic!

Do not misunderstand this.

I am not saying don’t have your own personality. But set limits and control your desires as well as your emotions and learn how and when to use them.

They say that a man can be weak, can be fat can be horny!
Do you consider a healthy, wealthy and strong man an equal to a fat guy who spends his all day on the couch fapping all day?

Reality is far away from this.
Men should always aim for improvement no matter where they are and stay as much as far from weak.

Even Google says that fapping is normal.

There are plenty more issues and important cases that seriously needs to be discussed to find a solution.
And how does a man argue? With actions.

“The best revenge is to improve yourself” - Ali Ibn Abi talib

So in conclusion, the best way to deal with this movement is to make people aware and show good examples and be the best versions of ourselves that we all wished to be!


The quotes from Ali ibne Abi Talib have shown me light in my darkest trails. :heart:


There is a saying, Hard time creates strong men, strong men create good time, good time creates weak men, weak men create a hard time, and hard time creates strong men and this loop goes on.
So you see there is a solution to it, to not be a participator or in the excess consumption of good time created by the strong men i.e. the digital evolution name it anything, and be occupied intensely by the goddammit passion you have chosen for yourself to pursue.
but again to follow such kinds of stuff consistently is the real deal breaker for an individual. and in order to do so you need to be at peace from within by your actions, or what you hear, say, or listen to, or taste.


The use of social media,p0rn and dating apps.Are at the forefront of why men are lonelier than ever before.Which then leads to p0rn addiction of course.It seems almost impossible to get a girlfriend on your level,because they are all posting slutty pictures for attention to seek for the men that seem to have everything together in life.They don’t find the average man attractive not one bit.

And know you have all these men paying with money and attention making these girls rich on sites like instagram and onlyfans,while building up there ego and delusion of the real world.One thing i can proudly say is that during my whole 15 years of addiction ive never spent a dollar on any content at all.

P0rn has became a substitute for what is meant to be a connection and love of 2 people coming together. But now men young as 10 are exposed to all this raunchy easy accessible content where ever they look. They can look up pretty much anything they desire and have in front of there eyes in 2 seconds.Of course men are getting addicted to this,imagine your braining thinking it can have sex with out doing any work to get it , but then just feel the rewarding side of it whenever you want?However many times a day.
All this leads to the degeneracy and push to make men weak,which then overalls makes the whole world weak.
Without strong men, the people who control the world have it so easy to do whatever they want and push there agenda onto the masses.


You elaborated things perfectly. To be honest I was exposed to â– â– â– â–  at around 14 and trust me I got corrupted and was watching almost every second female as a sex material (and sometimes even family members) tho one could argue the hormones be raging at that age but still, I felt like a degenerate at that time. Tho as we grow, we gain maturity and stop being so horny, but our modern society is actually normalising all the bad habits that leads to us thinking about sex half of the time.


Wish every man would wake up and see it too


Without strong men our society is going to collapse. There will be Chaos and nobody will be capable to control it.


Yes this fact isn’t highlighted much at all, I saw some videos of women whos husbands were ■■■■ addicts and the worst part was many of the husband hid their addiction until they were caught, after having children. Ngl when i was a coomer i used to think why have a wife/gf when I can get more beautiful girls (thru pixels). But I now understand true love and how far ■■■■ is from reality.


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