Recovery Programs?

Hello, just curious what programs people are using to recover? Have any recommendations? Thank you!

I’m not sure I do unterstand to question…

In terms of programs as software tools for recovery, I use a combination of OpenDNS (configured on the router), pi-hole (blocks ads also, raspberry pi, complete network) and a hosts file on my smartphone. Those tools help as a reminder and I work on cultivating a stronger mindset determination to improve the overall safe setting.

In terms of strategy to get better at doing NoFap, I mostly follow Recoveredman’s ideas that he discusses on his podcast. In episodes 127 and 128 he discusses a process of creating a proper plan, which starts of with awareness, connections, commitments and tools, consequences and activating that plan. I think following that kind of process has been the biggest game changer in my recovery. Also, his podcast has many great episodes on specific topics that help along the way.

I hope this has given you some ideas.

Power over Pornography by Brian Brandenburg. It contains very powerful concepts and solutions for combating urges and keeping temptation at bay.

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Where is it available?

I’ve sent you a private message brother.

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