Rebooter81's Diary - Life is Not not-fapping

When your life becomes about what you are NOT doing e.g NOT fapping to porn then you have a problem.
I’m preaching to myself here; we need to have goals in life. Aspirations and dreams but not unattainable dreams, dreams we are working towards day by day.
I’m depressed but I’m looking for some new goals other than the small goals I have and it’s really tough getting out of this rut really, really difficult.
I’ve started running again I’m only getting in about one 5 - 6 km run a week at the moment and it’s not enough. So frustrated today because weather has been truly horrendous and was looking forward to a damn run so I’m pissed about that. It’s a natural high running and infinitely better than stupid prescription medications which leave the sufferer partially addicted.
Hate unnecessary meds I think maybe satan invented them when he was bored one day but I can’t prove it.
So I’m ready for park run in a few weeks which is only 5km so that is bloody positive. Apart from that… shit… Well
Xmas parties I’ve got 2 coming up that should be a laugh but it’s hardly a life goal or a frickin dream. Everything else is kinda messed up but I’ve got to have goals or there’s no point being alive frankly.
Just my thoughts anyway…


You are totally right. I believe we are not the same person as when we entered this fight. The one we used to be considered what we are today as a dream or objective. Now that we have achieved it, we must move on towards something else, or we will lose the fire that made us do such a great thing.
Great that you reminded us all of that :+1: