Hello Guys
I’m looking for some TIPS or advice.
I’m info NOFAP almost 3 years.
And Back than i have been Addicted to porn for 8 years As Kid And than teenager from age of 12 to 20 from 2010 to 20. October 2018.
I’ve had all the problems realeted to PMO both physical like PIED,no Morning Wood,delayed ejaculation and Mental like low confidence,low self esteem, no energy, drained dull face,Brainfog And more…(PIED and Mental problems COMPLETELY CURED)
BUT during those ADDICTED years Ive had my first sex. Experience which was bad. I couldnt get HARD or when i did i couldnt maintain the boner. Also when i was inside i didnt feel anything And couldnt ejaculate aka delayed ejaculation. IT was due to masturbation death grip And Ive got used to my Hand.
This problem was solved very easy And sensitivity was Back very early by doing NOFAP.
BUT what concernes me deeply is I’ve started NOFAP 20.10. 2018 And than i had Sex in June 2019 And I’ve finished aka ejaculated within couple of second when inside of girl than i could get HARD And get round 2 but same results.PREMATURE EJACULATION. the same month i was with another girl And same results…Done within 1minute,maybe 2. Still i didnt fapp or watched porn. Later that year in August i relapsed And watched porn for the last time than i had my streak of 138 days no porn,no masturbation and during this i had another sex which also lasted 1-2minutes… than i relapsed by fapping (without porn) at the end of the year 2019.
From this I’ve beginned my incredible HARDMODE Journey of 505 days of sobriety.
Which ended this May by fapping (without porn)
But what i want to know Is do you think that my PREMATURE EJACULATION Will be even worse ??because my PIED and Death grip from masturbation was CURED within 9-12 months OF NOFAP.
I think my penis is too much sensitive because of not using him And all the accumulated sex. ENERGY. which i suppressed And fight against. I think IT can be also because of extreme excitement because when you dont see them ti**ies And the other part for about year And than you see beautiful naked girl you Are the most horny ANIMAL ever And this excitement can lead to PREMATURE EJACULATION i think atleast…
What concernes me Is that i had my last sex almost 2 years ago And over that time i didnt use my penis much …And didnt watch porn. Anything that happened was maybe 3-5 fapping And frequent WET DREAMS one evey 14 days durring those 2years And i have a problem that i even ejaculate very very FAST by masturbating Now when i relapsed after those 505 days. Its maybe not even 1 minute of fapping And I’m Done. So IT scares the shit out of me what how Fast would I’ve been with a girl.
Do you have any idea which could help? Of course i Will never go back watching porn. But i dont wanna be looser when with girl I’m Naturally very testosteron Guy,lifting weights,Cold showers And big confidence And i dont want to ejaculate within couple of second…
I’m concidering masturbation again of course without porn but IDK frequent masturbation created Death Grip And Lost of sensitivity for me. And semen Is not something which Is good to Lost by fapping.
Also edging Is bad idea i think because edging Will lead to fapping.
So any ideas Will be good. I know that frequent training with a partner would HELP but i think we would must have sex evey Day 5x atleast…after those 3 years of rewiring And not using my penis


sometime its not abour ur dick but your body like u have weak pelvis muscle or ur heart or anything about health condition

just do some kagel or sex exercise and try go to professional massage/doctor and tell them what is ur problem and dont worry its completly normal

please dont try to solve everything by urself it will become limited. Hope this will help u

PE also come with overthinking/over excited so control ur breath and mind and sex need some skill too just dont be too greedy

p/s: overthinking is 1 of the biggest reason that can cause PE


In first of all, congratulations for the taking the streaks so long. You got very good results.

The information you gave us that NoFap actually helps to fight against PIED is amazing, since I’ve suffered from this symptom since I was a kid and it’s messed up with my love life.

So, as you’re having Premature Ejaculation, I think that there is always something you can do. I remember that once I read that you can have some exercises to avoid Premature Ejaculations, like, to try to control the anxiety and try to think something else while having sex. Take it slowly, talk to your girl, have a good warm up, slowly and calm. And, always, in case you can afford it, looking for a good theraphy.

When I get a better job I’ll get a good psychologist.

I can help a little

Premature ejaculation can also happen because of a weak nervous system

I increased my masturbation time when i did anulom vilom

And i can tell you with guarantee that if you will also do pranayam especially kapalbhati your nerves will become strong

You can watch baba Ramdevs video on sex problems i am assuming you are indian if you are not i can give you detailed explanation since if you arent indian you probably won’t know these terms i used

Please let me know if you need some more explanation

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