Reason to not relapse after 90

Im a Male & 18 years old. It almost took me 5 months to hit day 90 hardmode. So let’s start it’s common to hit day 90 and what would happened after that ??? I thought I should remove focus on nofap on day 92 so that day uninstalled nf companion & got out of whatsapp nofap group I relapsed on day 97 because it was late night & I was exhausted. I felt no pleasure at all by watching porn & masturbation. I failed to make clean year of nofap so I relapsed even more. My goal was destroyed my routine was happened because of a fucking girl who supports healthy masturbation habits which is impossible its foolishness to read her artical I lost my dominance nature by relapsing more than 9 times within 5 days
Relapses was like this 3 & 1&&2&2&1
& this symbol refers to 1 day gap.

Negative impact
Low energy
I lost my Will power to conquer impossible things
Pull ups 9 reduced to 3
eye contact were becoming harder for first 2 -3 days
No hunger for success
Procastinate a lot
Unwillingness to socialize
Easily give up
Lost dominance
Felt like fucking feminine & insecure

Fortunately I regaining my strengths back more quickly
Again I am able to do 100 push ups 100 squats 100 situps & developing to 10km running (currently 1.2km last 5 days)
I am taking more care about hygiene genuinely enjoying socializing
70% will power regained
Washing my clothes myself
Using less mobile almost less than a hour (earlier 4-6 hours)
I lost my wait 73.4kg to 70.9kg
these things happened last 7 days
So please don’t do foolishness just like me and those who are addicted & read this the more addicted you are the better benifits you will receive. But you & me have opportunity to make rest of months to make pmo free months


The ego, you let the ego take over brother mine is just begging to come out but i am trying my best to stay aware of my self, you got overconfident just like me on my very worst relapse, i lost everything, but i can say that i am back on normal mode again, hey about push up back then when i pmo’oed i could barely do 5 push ups without quiting now i can do 30 without stoping, which i noticed the last couple days. You basically described what i went through last time. Wow


You are my idol bro.
I want you rise high with me. I am on day 10. I would consider myself highly rewarded if you join my Survivor of Relapses and Awesome April Challenges.

I can’t overstate how much I related to that. From the devastation of a relapse at high streaks fully knowing what you are doing… every step of the way saying no and no and no and no and no… but the mind is saying one thing and the body doing another. Reading into all these “healthy” sexual behaviors and talking to libertines and perverts and planning my own demise by testing myself in whatever way I can. The loss of motivation and for me even until death driven ideology consumes me… living in sin and squalor and not being able to muster strength to do one complete task with 100% dedication… then rising up, making a self- Saitama Challenge, slowly bringing it up and living instead of lying.