Really irritable without logical reason... NEED HELP PLEASE!

Day 12 of noPMO

I felt really irritable today the entire day. I got angry on little things. Mind chatter was off the roof. I could not stop myself from fighting with my family members on trivial things.

Has anyone gone through this?
Can anyone give me serious advice?
How long will this phase last?


Some days are better than others, and bad days happen. You can probably just sleep it off, at least me personally usually don’t have 2 days of anger in a row


It might be the effect of your brain and your body getting back to health. But also you have to be careful with your diet. Try to eat more veggies and fruits, it will help you greatly. Also, try not to eat to much spices and those type of things.
And for anyone who wants to have a clearer mind and less brain fog; stop eating dinner. ( I’m a Doctor) Stay safe.


Thank you guys. This means alot


Hey bro, its flatline. I have been through this as well. It will all pass away. It is the sign that your brain started healing. These are all mind’s tricks to make us fall back into that filth.
Just go through it. Exercise more, Meditate, try to be as disciplined as you can. Talk with a good friend daily. Walk in nature, go for a cycle ride. Provide natural dopamine to Brian.
Everything will get better. The only thing is to Never give up bro @NeverGiveup420


I am out @Tagore brother.:pray::pray:
Thanks for giving me chance to prove but…

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Thank you @Tagore for the great advice, I’ll keep it in my mind.

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