Real sex allowed in nofap?

I am married and new to nofap.

I am P and M addict for long, so I want to get rid off P and M.

Today is my 5th day without P and M.

Just curious, Is real sex also considered as relapse?

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Depends on you! I personally think no, but some people say yes. I’ve noticed while in nofap my desire to have sex with my wife though goes through the roof, which both she and I think is a very positive thing. I’d say no porn and no fap is good, but real sex doesn’t count as relapsing.


You will decide what best for yourself.

I am a married man.
If you ask me, Sex is a Relapse.
I am not saying this because i read it in some book or on some internet website, experiments conducted by some scientists…:blush: but on the basis of my personal experiences.

To give a clear picture to you… in one line.
Orgasm = Loss of Your Precious Energy.
When i say precious… i mean it is the only wealth you have with you which is going to stay with you forever.


I think, it is due to porn that we tend to go to these extremes of porn and nofap.
Being married, it is your duty to your wife to have a happy sex life. No fap is for change in outlook about sex, to me. It is not about not doing sex at all, because brain is a beautiful machine. Porn is what exhausts it, not love. Sex is natural, it is this that has sustained humanity and other species.
Your goal should be, get rid of porn, and all other distractions from real life, focus on your duties in real life.


So, free yourself from porn, take a break of say 21 days in fap and reinvent your mind’s orientation towards sex. Unlearn the violence, domination aspect of sex, learn the compassionate caring love.


Thanks for the replies friends… I think I got the answer… I am going to do it only whn my wife asks me to do…
So its a hard mode from my side.


If you are too much addicted to Pornography and masturbation, then you must plan for 90 day total abstinence from anything sexual, including sex with your wife. After 90 day mark is over, you can start having sex with your wife. But you must ban porn and masturbation permanently. Porn has no existence in marriage. If you want to masturbate, then that should only happen in the presence of your wife and her involvement in it, to spice up sex life. Sex creates bonding, sex a huge part in marriage. Remove the porn forever.


If you have P and M addiction, then when you stop, you are going to have very strong desire for sex. To rewird your brain and get out of this addiction, I would recommend no PMO (including sex) for 90 days minimum.

Wow, hey…
I did’nt see the time stamp. I dident know the post was a year old!

What had you desided to do?
How are things going?

No… not at all… that’s a natural phenomena.

I think no, Losing your energy in porn, is considered as Fap. Well, if you are able to retain Maximum amount of semen then you are all set during real sex. The energy of you and your partner is shared to form a new life which is Good😁.
Okay, i am 15 year old i dont know much. Hope it helps and​:wink::wink::wink: have a healthy relationship.