RC's Diary - We Win Together

I’m practicing Stoicism, and this PMO is the biggest thing that stops me from making progress, among the bad habits like snacking, gaming, watching youtube videos, checking my phone, etc.

I have a 10 years long PMO history and I know it’s going to be challenging to quit it, but in the same time I started to realize the power and necessity of accountability groups and companions and That’s why I’m here!

I will try and surround myself with our great companions on this forum and as well contribute!

Thank you all for reading. I wish we all achieve our goals!


Currently on Day 5, feeling ok, let’s keep the momentum!


10pm now, going to work for a bit more and sleep!


Reached day 5, from now you have to be more determined and careful!
Keep progressing like that. Pmo is our biggest enemy!


thanks! you are right, we need to be cautious about it, as it’s so easy to get back to us when we are just a little bit careless

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day 6, trying to finish some work during the day, and have more time after for some other projects

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day 7, how? I really need to start taking notes on what I have done differently this time, since I can’t even remember when the last time I had a 7 days streak was!
One thing I do notice is I come to this forum multiple times every day! I also cut snacks and I haven’t had any for a week, maybe less instagram/social media in general as well.
Anyways, keep going, and you too!

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day 8, planning to do some exercise a few hours after dinner!

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