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I got a good friend for running it’s helping me a lot for running & nofap. Running made necessary to get out of home at evening 5.30pm. Socializing become necessary I have no excuse even I have to do small talks which I do not appreciate. I kept my saitama workout routine except running currently (1.6km everyday). This time i have exhausting routine for evening so unable to focus on what day i am on.
Running is one of most efficient way to beat urges after sleep as per my experience
Things helped for nofap.
1)clears mind
2)worth challenging
3)u will get exhausted so u can’t fap.
4)makes you socialize
5)it becomes like priority so you have good reason to not fap
6)it will make you forget which day you are on nofap.

I regain my ego as mentioned by others earlier. More things are getting done. Getting strong erections in the morning & before sleep. I am using mobile less as I can.

(O.O) Have great day brothers & fuck off girls because I hate distraction.


What is your current streak , friend?


You are my hero brother.
I too wanted to do running. Tomorrow morning i am going for a morning walk.


He is in our group Survivor of Relapses.
He is on 10 days.

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Oo alright :grin:. … .


Good luck brother…


Yeah, i went for it but it was not a good experience but i faced my fears and feels satisfied. I also find the weakness. My medications of night are causing me to feel drowsy in morning and unmotivated. I will quit them for good.

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