RAMBO'S Daily Journal (29 M)

I am starting this not, to motivate people by telling the benefits of NOFAP, i am starting this to tell what this addiction has taken away from me.

I am 29 years old man, with serious porn addiction.



I relapsed today, this may be my guilt talking but i need help. Yes i know i might be late, but better late than never.

I am 29 years old geeky guy, who has been single for his entire life.

I don’t know driving, i hardly have any friends, spend most of my time watching movies in my room or doing office work.

i preach lectures to others about things in life when deep down i am the one who needs help.

I panic in difficult situations frustrate easily.

Via this forum each day i will share a chapter of my life and remind myself and others what you become after getting addicted to this shit.



Let’s talk about how fapping effects your masculinity, i have been feeling alot emotional, feminine for many years.

In fact when it comes to porn, i like to be slave. This is not only degrading my mind, but also making me feel that i am unworthy, less confident.