Quit social media four years ago; Quit Smoking three years ago; time for a new challenge!

Work on yourself, for yourself, every day. I don’t know where I read this but it stuck with me & I have been on a journey of abandoning bad habits ever since. Yes, I have adopted so many good habits over the course but getting rid of bad ones is something we all struggle with.

I started with abandoning social-media. Being an IT guy I was everywhere. I was disgusted with myself, posting sugar-coated stuff & craving for social validation. I have a very low level of self-control when it comes to these things so I just pulled the plug. Sure I could have scaled-down my social media usage or at least stuck with a single social network but I don’t like half measures. Changed password to something long enough so I won’t be able to recall it & deleted everything. Now I couldn’t revive them even if I wanted to. It has been four years now (about to be 5) & I haven’t used anything.

During my graduation days, I became a chain smoker because of the friend circle & the stress of the curriculum. I was smoking more than a pack every day. Quitting social media felt soo good (I was on a 1.5-year streak) so I decided that it was time to get rid of one more bad habit. I was smoking for over three years by then so yes I was addicted to it. But I had the confidence from previous success. Again I didn’t go the easy route & went full cold turkey. This was way harder than my previous experience. I had problems sleeping. Cravings were super bad. Anxiety introduced it self. The trick was always to resort for solutions instead of relapsing. I started drinking more water. Started meditation. Started running everyday. Luckily, the college was finished so the friend circle wasn’t around anymore & I had to change the city for work. All the triggers that would have pushed me to smoke again weren’t there. I did not lose my streak even once. I still can’t believe how I was able to do it. I genuinely believe that changing the environment attributed at least 70% towards it. I have been to few get-togethers with friends ever since but I did not relapse. The advice I received from Atomic Habits by James Clear got me through. I don’t associate smoking with my identity anymore. There have been times where I would have a dream where I’m smoking & then I wake up suddenly feeling guilty & bad and then when I realise it was a dream I get that feeling of relief. I’m still afraid that if I break the streak I will start doing it again. Streaks work, they really do.

So, now I’m here. This is a new journey for me. I don’t masturbate every day but I do get the craving once or twice a week. I don’t like how it clouds my mind & it’s about time I do something about it.

Yes, again, I will not be setting any small milestones. That’s just not me. I’m going kitchen-sink once again. I have already prepared, done some research, installed some tools etc to increase the friction. I don’t think it will be easy but I’m committed to making the change & that’s why I’m writing this post. For accountability. I hope this community will be a source of inspiration when the urge comes back. If you have any advice or tips for me, please do reach out. I hope you all are doing well in this weird time. Stay safe out there.


Congrats for the smoking & social media quiting. Nofap is an another level of game. Trust me. It has kicked asses of some high level gamers and bring them to their knees. Only the true man passes and you are one of them.
Welcome to the nofap world.


Thanks man.
Appreciate you for putting me on my guard. Anticipation helps in seeing things early. Atleast when the struggle get’s real I’ll be able to see things for what they actually are.


Man! Gotta learn a lot from you! I am on cold turkey quitting mode as well. Its good to have you here buddy!

Welcome to the community! Best of luck on your journey! Congrats on quitting social media and smoking- that is fantastic!

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Hell yeah man… that’s a great dose of motivation. Thanx for sharing your journey… I will check out atomic habits right now… And all the best for your nofap journey… go for it!

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