Quit Junk food Addiction

This challenge is for people with an addiction to Junk food and this challenge is about overcoming this and eating healthier foods. For me my problem is McDonald’s, KFC, burger king and pizza hut, I want to stop this because I’m losing my money and I always feel yuck after eating it, surely you guys aren’t as bad as me.
Those who want to join pop your names below :arrow_down: :arrow_down:


STRICTLY no buying of takeaways (Save your money)
Ease up on the snacks
Learn to cook your own food and and save leftovers for following night if you don’t want to cook.


Nice initiative jarjar. Thank you for this challenge. I believe this is the first time in this forum where the challenge focuses on junk food.

Please count me in though I want to make a few suggestions…

  1. I believe its better to put the calories of junk food into consideration that simply asking whether you ate the junk food or not. Its better for a man to eat 500 calories of junk food than 750 calories even though both failed in their healthy expectations.

  2. Those who ate less calories of junk food is the winner. Calories of a particular food can be found out with the help of Google. Calories will not be counted for healthy food.

I know its your challenge , and you have the absolute right to decide whether these suggestion should be put into consideration. Please consider this if possible

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